Rust. Patina. Corrosion.

That's exactly what's suppose to happen to my creations, when left outside, because that's the nature of Mother Nature at work. Steel takes on such unique visual and textural interest as it rusts, patinas, or corrodes so revel in it as your outdoor space changes seasonally too. However there's a point where a few things will be prepared.

> Rust has a way of ultimately destroying steel by breaking it down at a molecular level. It's cool how it happens and because it usually takes quite a long time to accomplish your piece will change over a long period...until something breaks down to the point where a petal falls off, a weld may fail, or it crumbles into dust.

> You can control the rate your piece corrodes by choosing a couple of options: 

  1. Bring it inside as the seasons change and don't let Mother Nature's wrath affect the piece.
  2. Get the patina to a point you're really loving and then spray the entire piece with a CLEAR spray-paint; the finish is up to you from matte to high-gloss.
  3. Lock it away in a vault so neither air, nor moisture, can affect it. (Not recommended...)

>  Ultimately I expect my pieces to be recycled. This can occur organically as the piece breaks down and is reabsorbed into the ground or the piece is physically recycled to be melted down an remade anew. There's a bit of symbolism in this process which is why I choose to blend organic shapes with the industrial quality of the process.

Until the ultimate fate of your piece is decided I hope you enjoy the uniqueness it brings to your space!